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 អ្នកម្នាងយូអ៊ី- Neak Mneang Yu-E [01-87End]

អ្នកម្នាងយូអ៊ី- Neak Mneang Yu-E [01-87End]

Type: Drama Episodes: 02 EP. Duration: 38min Quality: HD Country:HongKong Status: Ongoing Upload Date: 20-12-2023 Upload By: Admin Support Admin : Scan Here

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The street to turning into a sovereign is cleared with foul play. Ruyi is a partner who rapidly figures out how to explore the slippery legislative issues of the regal court and move up the positions. Subsequent to becoming Ruler, Ruyi actually should endure the numerous tricks against her. Her relationship with Head Qianlong becomes disintegrated in any event, when Ruyi can beat the difficulties. Might Ruyi at any point keep up with her job as Ruler under such troublesome conditions?

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