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[TV Series 2023] Story of Kunning Palace

[TV Series 2023] Story of Kunning Palace

Type: Drama Episodes: 02 EP. Duration: 38min Quality: HD Country:HongKong Status: Ongoing Upload Date: 20-12-2023 Upload By: Admin Support Admin : Scan Here

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Jiang Xue Ning's unwavering longing to become ruler in the end strains her bond with her cherished, lifelong companion Yan Lin and prompts the capture of the honorable Authority Zhang Zhe. Responsibility and regret start to leak in when her brief rule as the sovereign reaches a conclusion. With the assistance of Yan Lin as the general, rebels hold onto the capital and heartlessly annihilate the whole regal family. In her frantic effort, Jiang Xue Ning argues to trade her life for the opportunity of Zhang Zhe, a man who has consistently offered her grace.

As destiny veers off in a strange direction, Jiang Xue Ning stirs in the body of her 18-year-old self, who still can't seem to enter the castle. Allowed one more opportunity at life, she commitments to live contrastingly past the castle walls. However destiny wouldn't let her departure. She becomes ensnared in the royal residence interests by and by as Princess Le Yang's review friend and devotee of Xie Wei, the very much regarded magnificent educator and ruler's counselor, who additionally is the brains behind the shocking defiance that prompts her end.

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