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 គុជទេពមច្ឆា, Kuch Tep Machha, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, 斛珠夫人 [TV Series 2021]

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គុជទេពមច្ឆា, Kuch Tep Machha, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, 斛珠夫人 [TV Series 2021]
Type: Drama Episodes: 01-40-EP. Duration: 30 min Quality: HD Country:Chines Status: Completed Upload Date: 30-12-2023 Upload By: Admin Contact Advertising :015 600 538 Sponsor Admin :016 596 960

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Watching Now: គុជទេពមច្ឆា, Kuch Tep Machha, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, 斛珠夫人 [TV Series 2021] "In the event that 1 tin brand a Naga nonexistent being cry, the caducous crying volition twist into important aglow pearls. Hai Shi is a youthful miss individuals effective a shore modest community where bunch utilization the cunning of hilarious their kids to mark mermaids objection and social event the pearls to wage for charges. It was associated such a lot of a sportfishing venture that Hai Shi's male parent was killed. Hai Shi's district was stolen from past officers and she fosters a score against the sovereign whom she considers responsible for the tragical occasions and commitments to development vengeance.

She past meets Tooth Zhu World Wellbeing Association is Partner in Nursing definitive of the government court and the head's closest comrade. Tooth Zhu offers to assess Hai Shi arsenic a follower associated the status that she conceals her genuine individual character and postures arsenic a kid. She acknowledges the terms. The land is effective danger owed to a liberal and spiritless ruler, disturbance fruitful court, and constant battle with adjoining realms and solitary held unneurotic past Tooth Zhu's relentless resolve. Years passing and Hai Shi enlists in the ruler military. Her responsiveness for her maestro and their rival opinions towards the sovereign go a substance of battle piece disguised plots and plans jeopardize the exact fabric of their realm.

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