complete/30-Ongoing episode/ 01-30HD quality/THN-Drama
 ស្វាមីមិនបានព្រៀង-The Family-Arisara Wongchalee-Svamey Min Ban Preang-[TV Series 2023]

MyDramalist-TV Series 2024

បេសកកម្មគ្រូពេទ្យកម្ចាត់រោគឆ្លង Pessak Kam Krou Pet Komchat Rouk Chlong 2023 បេសកកម្មកម្ចាត់រោគរាតត្បាត Pessak Kam Komchat Rouk Reat Tbat 2023 - Doctor Detective สืบลับหมอระบาด, Investigate the Epidemic Doctor , Sub Lab Mor Labad , Suep Lap Mo Rabat -[TV Series 2023]
Type: Drama Episodes: 01-40-EP. Duration: 30 min Quality: HD Country:Chines Status: Completed Upload Date: 30-12-2023 Upload By: Admin Contact Advertising :015 600 538 Sponsor Admin :016 596 960

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Watching Now: បេសកកម្មគ្រូពេទ្យកម្ចាត់រោគឆ្លង-Doctor Detective(สืบลับหมอระบาด) Pessak Kam Krou Pet Komchat Rouk Chlong 2023 - Investigate the Epidemic Doctor , Sub Lab Mor Labad , Suep Lap Mo Rabat -[TV Series 2023] "At the point when a destructive irresistible illness looking like the Ebola infection desolates a little town, a group of disease transmission experts drove by Specialist Khunkhao attempts to beat the clock to research the wellspring of the episode and contain the spread".

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