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ជួបស្នេហ៍រដូវរំហើយ-Meet Yourself-Choub Sne Rodov Rumhery-[TV Series 2023]

MyDramalist-TV Series 2023

ជួបស្នេហ៍រដូវរំហើយ-Meet Yourself-Choub Sne Rodov Rumhery-[TV Series 2023]
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ជួបស្នេហ៍រដូវរំហើយ-Meet Yourself-Choub Sne Rodov Rumhery-[TV Series 2023] "Xu Hong Dou is a lady who has worked in the lodging business for the majority of her grown-up life. She is each inch the large city lady, yet her life hits an unexpected obstacle. Her best female companion has passed on, sending her life into a spiral. Her work begins to endure. What's more, as opposed to keep on soldiering on in the city, she chooses to have some time off from the high-paced metropolitan way of life in a far off town. She goes out to the town of Yun Miao, close to Dali, in Yunnan Area - looking for harmony and calm. She before long finds that life in an agrarian town isn't exactly basically as ideal as she had envisioned - exploring fields brimming with creature droppings and mud isn't something she is utilized to! Yet, she before long tracks down a kind of balance. Furthermore, she meets a gathering of individual huge city types who have likewise chosen to escape the large city looking for a more quiet lifestyle. One of these people is named Xie Zhi Yao. Yun Miao is his old neighborhood. Furthermore, he has stopped a generously compensated task to begin a travel industry business that features Yun Miao. Xu Hong Dou before long understands that she can effectively utilize her own inn industry information by aiding him. Be that as it may, as they cooperate, not set in stone to unite them! Might they at any point track down affection in this calm little town? (Source: Viki)".

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