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วิญญาณแพศยา - Wiyan Phaesaya

MyDramalist-TV Series 2024

วิญญาณแพศยา - Wiyan Phaesaya
Type: Drama Episodes: 01-01 HD Duration: 30 min Quality: HD Country:Chines Status: Ongoing Upload Date: 07-01-2024 Upload By: Admin Contact Advertising :015 600 538 Sponsor Admin :016 596 960

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ลิเกหมอลำ - Likay Mor Lam-[TV Series 2024] "Faikham needs to acquire the soul of Ka from her late mother reluctantly. It can make her more gorgeous by licking her face, yet gives her a startling structure as well. This soul of Ka was once a wonderful lady, called Princess Oenglong who was ruthless and evil. Presently Oenglong firmly wants retribution on anybody who hurt her when she was alive. Indeed, even after her demise, the soul of Faikham's mom is as yet stuck under Ka's strong control. Presently Faikham needs to save herself as well as her mom from the hooks of underhanded Ka. At some point, Faikham gets an opportunity to work in the castle, opening up a chance for Oenglong to get payback".

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