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 គំនុំព្រលឹងសងសឹក -The Scarlet Night(นางแค้น)-[01-26 END]

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កូនប្រសារមហាឆ្លាត Kon Brosar Chlat 2023 - My Talented Husband 在下李佑 Zai Xia Li You , Hui Dao Gu Dai Dang Zhui Xu , 回到古代当赘婿
Type: Drama Episodes: 01-40-EP. Duration: 30 min Quality: HD Country:Chines Status: Completed Upload Date: 30-12-2023 Upload By: Admin Contact Advertising :015 600 538 Sponsor Admin :016 596 960

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Watching Now: កូនប្រសារមហាឆ្លាត- My Talented Husband-Kon Brosar Chlat-[TV Series 2023] "The cutting edge and humble child in-regulation, Li You, showed up at the Xujiang Province of the Daning Tradition and assumed the job of a yamen sprinter, emulating his dad's example. Being ridiculed as a humble yamen sprinter, Li You, loaded up with outrage, introduced a sonnet as a gift to Li Huan, a songstress who had additionally been embarrassed. Out of the blue, the sonnet acquired incredible distinction, making him a skilled authority and grabbing the eye of the district justice. Li You's way to progress was opening up, however much to his dismay that being a capable young fellow could likewise be hazardous. He wound up trapped in a marriage debate between the military official Liu and the well off shipper Guan, turning into a child in-law of the two families because of a spot of destiny. Shockingly, even in the wake of changing reality, he stayed a child in-regulation and, surprisingly, moved up to being a twofold child in-regulation! Luckily, Li You was shrewd and laid out a three-year understanding, yet he was trapped in a situation between Liu Xinyu's and Guan Xiuxiu's advances. To acquire opportunity, Li You tried sincerely and acquired notoriety in the abstract world, procuring the title of the "Verse Holy person of Jiangnan." He additionally consistently rose through the positions in the province yamen, settling exceptional cases, and made extraordinary progress in the business world. His feeling of equity made him dauntless against the underhanded powers of the rich Yan family and the region consul, and he became famous for pushing for individuals, acquiring notoriety across the tradition. Nonetheless, he didn't expect that he would turn out to be increasingly amazing, and both the Guan and Liu families found it progressively challenging to relinquish this uncommon child in-regulation. How might this three-year arrangement eventually unfurl?".

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